Remembering Woodstock

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The late Tipp O’Neill once said, ‘all politics is local.’ As a corollary, I believe that all history is personal. That is until it grows and grows and becomes a defining cultural event. Then it is owned by everyone and the memories morph into things almost unrecognizable.  In the summer of 1969, I was a […]

4 Decades of the O4W As Seen From My Office Window

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The following is based on my (imperfect) memory, so please take the dates as general in nature. A few years ago Google announced it would archive older images from its Google Maps StreetView program to create a StreetView History section for various cities. StreetView is less than ten years old, but decades from now it […]

Cumberland Island Memories

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(The Georgia Conservancy asked me to write some brief thoughts about my time on Cumberland Island.) I first visited Cumberland Island in the late 1970’s, and ever since that marvelous day hike, I’ve wanted to make a film about the island. It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that I began shooting the film. During the […]

Shooting Timelapse: A Cascade of Cameras

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      This is a short personal history of shooting timelapse and how the advance of technology impacted my work process over the years. Time-lapse is magic. I was 15 years old when I first experienced timelapse footage. My family attended Expo 67 in Montreal – a world’s fair that showcased the latest in modern technology. […]

Atlanta BeltLine – Advice for Dummies

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The Atlanta BeltLine is a rails-to-trails project that is planned to form a 22-mile loop of bike/running trail and green space around the city of Atlanta.  A few miles are already completed, and the results have been transformative.  I use the BeltLine almost every day, and I can attest to its popularity and its positive […]

Why Isn’t Atlanta Watershed Management More Like amazon?

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June 25, 2014 – I’m thinking about my water bill.  Like many people with busy schedules and access to the internet (most adults in America), I have transitioned my bill payments to make them automatic and pay them online. Online bill payment is a boon for everyone but the post office.  It provides benefits for […]

A Whisper War Against Georgia Film Production

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June 13 – A recent article in DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD reported on a panel discussion on movie set safety at the recent Produced By Conference in Los Angeles. The gist of the article was that somehow crews in states that offer film tax incentives are less qualified, and as a result, the movie sets in those […]